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You set the book price and shipping costs for direct sales of your books, and it's strictly your decision if you wish to negotiate the stated price with potential Buyers. Set up your booth today by completing the following Seller Form. Your listings can also be offered in "lots," as "TEN SOFTBOUND ROMANCE NOVELS" or "Southern Fiction  Lot" etc.  for any price you wish. Once your booklist and listing fee (see Rate Chart below) has been received, your books will normally be online within 24-72 hours. Your 90 or 180 day listing period will begin the next business day after your list is placed on our web pages.

If you have a "treasure" you may wish to sell, extremely rare or first edition signed books usually do best on a photo-based sale site such as our Rare Book Consignments. Selling extremely rare books online normally requires detailed digital photos and very thorough book descriptions. Optionally, you may request on the BRU Seller Form in either the Description or Price column that you be contacted by email for photos and full condition details when offering high-value works.

Our outreach program continually markets the BooksRareUsed™ site to key used, rare and out of print book venues so that your items may be easily found by collectors, bookdealers, students and readers worldwide. (If you are a dealer seeking an additional outlet, your listings are welcome and a link to your bookstore may be freely placed on email correspondence with BooksRare & Used Buyers.) BRU is searchable on all major (and many minor) North American and European search engines to give your book sales wide exposure. You are not obligated to accept non-US. offers to buy if you prefer not to ship books outside the U.S.

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Book re-listings receive a 10% Discount if a single book listing or an entire listed set of books is not sold within your listing period.

If you have several or many books to list, you may receive a blank Word table from us for filling in and returning as attachment -- please send request for blank book sale Table by email Here.  ALTERNATELY, for sending lists of several or many books, you may use an MS Word, FrontPage or Excel-based database of your books for sale rather than our Book Listing Form below (which is for 1 or a few books). Please send databases (along with name; town; state/province) using the six descriptive fields as seen in the following 6-Field Sample. It can be copy/pasted directly into MS Word or FrontPage for fast list making -- just add the appropriate number of rows to the table, fill in your book details as in the sample, then send to us by email attachment (in .DOC, .RTF or .HTM format) to








KING, Stephen




Very good+. Hardbound in Fine dust jacket. 1st Edition. 386 pp.

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